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Meeting Increasing Demands for Personal Cyber-Security, Rubica Delivers High End Personal Solutions

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The financial devastation of high-tech crime has received much recent attention in the media. Its costs continue to escalate as hacking techniques become increasingly sophisticated, outwitting leading experts in the field and infecting the networks secured by government security agency experts.


Businesses have had private customer data compromised and stolen, with ransoms being demanded by the networks of hackers. Private individuals who have been victims of cyber-crime experience a sense of vulnerability and loss of confidence after their personal cyber-security has been trespassed.


A study tracking the financial impact of cyber-crimes between 2013 and 2015 found that the total costs of the activity approached one-half trillion dollars, with the number of incidents having increased four-fold during that same period.


Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that by 2021 this amount could increase to $6 trillion.


The personal-cyber security of every individual is at risk. The impacts of this new crime wave reaches into every area of the personal lives of every member of our highly electronic device-dependent lives.


An annual increase in the numbers of victims experiencing identity theft or that may have had their sensitive private information accessed without authorization or their private or business email accounts hacked is alarming.


In May of this year the WannaCry virus attacks, affecting more than 300,000 computers in over 150 countries, hit government and business infrastructure hard, taking many institutions off-line for several days while the organizations struggled to isolate infected networks and computers. The estimated cost of the WannaCry attack is somewhere between $4 - $5 billion.


Domestically the problem has reached critical thresholds, receiving attention of the highest branches of lawmakers and enforcement agencies. The U.S. Congress has worked to create new legislation to deal with the cyber-crime threat. President Trump signed the Strengthening the CyberSecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure executive order in May of this year, ordering studies and redirecting resources into addressing the problem at the federal government level.


The previous Obama Administration ordered $19 billion to strengthen the national infrastructure against these attacks.


And who can forget the embarrassment caused to former Secretary of State Hillary Clintons following her own personal cyber-security having been attacked and her compromising and damaging emails having become publicly shared on the internet? This cyber-crime epidemic, bringing despair and panic to many private individuals, San Francisco-based, security specialist firm Rubica has developed an innovative technology that protects the personal cyber-security of its customers.




Described as the best personal privacy and cyber-security solution that its customers dont have to think about, Rubica provides a cutting-edge software security solution building upon the expertise of some of the top experts in the field.


A division of Concentric Advisors, Rubica was started having the expertise of NSA, Scotland Yard and US Navy security specialists. Their security solution protects individuals from the devastating impacts following their devices being hacked and their privacies compromised.


Whereas the current security paradigm is limited to protecting against known threats or to sending alerts once private information has been accessed without authorization, Rubicas solution actively monitors and protects their customers personal cyber security against known and suspected cyber-threats.


August of this year, the firms products personal cyber-security benefits were compared to those available to large corporations with specialized security staff, also highlighting the ease with which the application can be installed by users without any special technical expertise.

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